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Arris/Motorola DOCSIS 2.0, or D2, Broadband Modem
Products FAQ

QUESTION; What is ARRIS/MOTOROLA 2.0 certified, modems are in CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION. Specifically, internet only, non-voice (VoIP, Triple Play) devices?

QUESTION; What is DOCSIS 1.0 or 2.0 certified mean when applied to a cable modem ?

QUESTION; What is the operational difference between the Arris/Motorola Cable Modem SB5101, SB5101N and SB5101U ?

QUESTION; I am having difficulty configuring my Motorola Cable Modem, as I discuss the HFC MAC ID number. I have difficulty separating the MAC ID codes. Specifically the "0" (zeros) and "O" (Ohh). Also the Cable operator will not accept my modem number as SB5101N or SB5101U, what can I do to correct ?

QUESTION; I have provided my serial number & HFC MAC ID to my ISP. They have been attempting to communicate with my NEW modem, but the lights are solid green as if the unit was dead, the power light is on. What could be the problem ?

QUESTION; What happened to the "BUTTON" that was installed on the top of the original Motorola cable modems; SB5100 & SB5101 that allowed the ethernet and USB ports to be disconnected from the internet ?

Click to review Cradlepoint's CTR35  @ MCM Electronics.
Click to review Cradlepoint's CTR35 @ MCM Electronics

The CradlePoint CTR35 converts a 4G or 3G USB Data Modem into a secure 16-connection wireless network. It can also use traditional Cable/DSL Ethernet-based modems to create ~350-feet of WiFi. Or use existing WiFi to create a secure connection with an unsecure public hotspot..

ANSWER; The current Arris/Motorola SURFBoard DOSCIS 2.0 Modems in products are; SB5101N and SB5101U. The models; SB5100 and SB5101 are manufacturer DISCONTINUED. Any product offered for sale with these model numbers, ARE NOT NEW, they are reworked, used or refurbished only.

ANSWER; Operationally the Arris/Motorola SB5101 series modems are exactly the same as required by the CableLabs 1.1 & 2.0 DOCSIS certification. In late 2009 Motorola introduced the more cost effective SB5101N, that only has an ethernet RJ-45 port and removed the USB driver CD from the package. The SB5101U retained the USB 2.0 and Ethernet port and continued to include the USB driver CD and it's corresponding higher cost required because of the USB feature.

ANSWER; Operationally the Arris/Motorola SB5101 series modems are exactly the same as required by the CableLabs 1.1 & 2.0 DOCSIS certification. FIRST, when announcing the Modem's model number, DO NOT INCLUDE the ending "U" or "N", just provide the basic "SB5101" modem number. Configuring the HFC MAC ID number remember that "0" are printed long and thin and letter "O" are very round when printed. If you provide a wrong "0" (Zero) or "O" (letter O) the modem will not configure, and will appear to be inoperative.

ANSWER; Please review and compare the serial number and the MAC address on the BOX and on the modem. We have had a VERY FEW where the factory switched labels on BOXES vs. that was placed on the actual modem. If the BOX and the MODEM DO NOT Match the modem will not communicate. This is VERY IMPORTANT, when troubleshooting a modem insure the actual MAC address and the serial number match from the box to the sticker on the modem. If all else fails use the information ON THE MODEM.itself. This will end the confusing with your ISP and them modem will come up and communicate.

ANSWER; While the internet disconnect button on the original Motorola modems was a popular option with subscribers, it was NOT with cable TV operators. In late 2009 Motorola was requested to REMOVE the disconnect button by most EVERY Cable TV company. The reason was service calls because of the button we costing $1000's in truck rolls to subscribers homes, because the subscribers we complaining of "NO INTERNET SERVICE". When the cable TV technician arrived at the home he/she would discover the DISCONNECT BUTTON was engaged removing the intenet connection from the modem. The high featured SB5101U (with both Ethernet & USB outputs) and the lower featured SB5101N (with only Ethernet outputs) were released to lower the cost associated with the full feaured SB5101.