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Title - Antronix CMC2002H Splitter

Image, Antronix CMC2002H Horizontal CATV Splitters


Standard broadband cable TV splitters have an operational bandwidth from 5-1002Mhz. The Modem return band enhansed performance in the 5-30MHz frequency spectrum.

Round center conductor siezing pins with white insulators contained in the SCTE compliant F ports

Center conductor seizing surface is greater than other device's surroundiing contact area. Providing long term trouble free signal transfer between the coaxial connector and the splice adapter.

Nickel plated, zinc die-cast housing with soldered back plate provides -120dB of RFI integerty. All f ports are
highly precision machined with SCTE compliant threading and are spaced on 1" centers.

All ports are protected to survive up to 6kV ring wave overvoltage events.

All ports are enviromntal sealed and to withstand 15 psi of internal pressure. All ports are flat topped to increase the ground and interface seal comply to all existing SCTE standards.

High return loss (VSWR) across entire ops. Allow reduced reflections when digital signals are transported.

Built-in NPO capacitors on all ports. All components are temperature hardened. Devices designed to remain stable in enviroments of -40 to +85o C and maintain all technical specifications.

Non-memory retaining beryllium copper center conductor CAMPORT™ seizing pin holds fast to coaxial center conductor.

Flat F end ports, provides excellent mating plane surface for proper grounding between the F connect and the device.

The device does not transmit or handle AC or DC powering or DSS Satellite signals. Application of AC/DC voltages to the device will render the device non-operative and will void the warranty


The Antronix CMC2002H series broadband splitter has been specifically designed to be fully compliant to the requirments of D3 (DOCSIS 3.0) & D2 (DOCSIS 2.1) Cable modem operatios.

The device equally splits and distributes CATV and OTA HDTV video to up to two (2) devices. .


Operational Passband;
Insertion Loss;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz
40 - 200MHz
200 - 550MHz
550 - 1002MHz
F Port to F Port Isolaton;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz
40 - 200MHz
200 - 550MHZ >35dB
550 - 1002MHz >28dB
Input F Port Return Loss;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz >30dB
40 - 200MHz >30dB
200 - 550MHz >28dB
550 - 1002MHz
Output F Ports Return Loss;
5 - 14MHz >28dB
14 - 40MHz >40dB
40 - 200MHz >38dB
200 - 550MHz >28dB
550 - 1002MHz >25dB

Cable modem return path*


Center Conductor Retension Force
>120 grams after 50 insertion
Device Lenght, Width, Height:

(1.9in) 61.0mm

Device Weight;


Housing Material:

Nickel Plated Zinc Diecast

Center Conductor seizing;

(beryllium copper)

Insulator Material
(High-density polyethylene)
Operational Temparture

-40° C
(-40° F)

60° C
(140° F)

Specifications subject to change without notice

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