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Title for Antroinx CMC 2008V Splitter

Image Of Antronix CMC2008V-8 Vertical Port Splitter


Standard broadband cable TV splitters have an operational bandwidth from 5-1002Mhz. With the Modem return band enhansed performance in the 5-40MHz frequency spectrum.

6kV ring wave surge protection - All ports are protected against multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE Spec C62.41.

Flat 1.002GHz bandwidth with optimized insertion loss from input to outputs

Digital broadcast and HDTV ready - Compatible with existing and future networks.

Eclipse Contact Technology (ECT) F-ports - Provides 400% more contact surface area for lower contact resistance and higher reliability.

Zinc Alloy diecast housing and backplate w/ proprietary Nickel Alloy Plating - Superior corrosion resistant plating combined with a diecast backplate protects the back of the housing where corrosion is more prominet.

1.0" port to port spacing with flat port ends and 15 psi sealing of SCTE compliant F-ports - Provides an excellent mating ground plain to connectors with removed water migration into the device over time.

Built-in NPO capacitors on all ports. All components are temperature hardened. Devices designed to remain stable in enviroments of -40 to +85o C and maintain all technical specifications.

Non-memory retaining beryllium copper center conductor seizing pin holds fast to coaxial center conductor.

Flat F end ports, provides excellent mating plane surface for proper grounding between the F connect and the device.

Intergrated mounting tabs and heavy duty ground block, providing multi-years of reliable service.


Reliability, quality and performance define the Antronix CMC2008V * output vertically ported broadband splitter. the device has been designed for today's bi-directional broadband networks.

Low intermodulation distortion and 40dB of outout to output isolation prevent high powered D3 (DOCSIS 3.0) & D2 (DOCSIS 2.1) cable modems distorting same band digitial picture content from being degraded. All ports are capacitively coupled to prevent hum modulated distorition.

The device equally splits and distributes CATV and OTA HDTV video to up to eight (8) devices. .


Operational Passband;
Insertion Loss;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz*
40 - 200MHz
200 -550MHz
550 - 750MHz
750 - 1,002MHz
F Port to F Port Isolaton;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz*
40 - 200MHz
200 - 550MHZ >28dB
550 - 750MHz >26dB
750 - 1002MHz
Input F Port Return Loss;
5 - 14MHz
14 - 40MHz* >25dB
40 - 200MHz >22dB
200 - 550MHz >22dB
550 - 750MHz
750 - 1002MHz
Output F Ports Average Return Loss;
5 - 14MHz >22dB
14 - 40MHz* >35dB
40 - 200MHz >28dB
200 - 550MHz >25dB
550 - 750MHz >22dB
750 - 1002MHz



Center Conductor Retension Force
>120 grams after 50 insertion

Device Lenght, Width, Height:

(3.50in) 71.2mm

Device Weight;


Housing Material:

Zinc Diecast

Center Conductor seizing;

(baryllium copper)

Insulator Material
(High-density polyethylene)
Specifications subject to change without notice

The device does not transmit or handle AC or DC powering or DSS Satellite signals. Application of AC/DC voltages to the device will render the device non-operative and will void the warranty

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